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Performing Artist

Management: Andrew Leib

Pop Songwriter

Loud Neighbors
Brandon Goodman
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Voice, Keys, Saxophone, Drums
Composing, Engineering, Notating, Music directing
Choreography, Martial Arts, Ballroom, Hip Hop

Work samples

BRIGHTPLAN, a silicon valley financial tech firm, needed a musical theme that fit their mission.

Starring: Australian comedy trio Sketchshe

MEGASTAR MILLIONAIRE, a global talent competition, needed an original theme song that used ridiculous antics to advertise as well as explain the value of participating. Megastar gave me a profile because I was a real person who might realistically enter such a competition.

Written in a hotel room in Las Vegas. Co-produced by James Harper and Dan Diaz.

The Jungle Book Trailer 2 (2016)
Live-Action Disney Movie HD [Official Trailer]

Background vocals, trailer for The Jungle Book. ©2016 The Hit House.

Recording Engineer, Glory Ride, original musical by Victoria Buchholz & Todd Buchholz.

Giorgio Moroder - Déjà vu ft. Sia

Associate Producer, Giorgio Moroder music video - “Déjà Vu” feat. Sia