caring musician

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To be a working musician is to be humble, proud, and on the town. Russell Angelico has made his mark on numerous stages, but has so many more yet to slay. A UCLA educated political mind, Angelico learned how to record and arrange by trying over and over to replicate the sounds in his head, consulting mentors and eventually advising performers on how to take their voices to the next level. He worked abroad in Dakar, Senegal at a grassroots hip-hop studio, and led his a cappella group to multiple championship competitions, earning 5 CARA nominations. After college, he served as day-to-day manager for several artists including The Killers, Brandon Flowers, Giorgio Moroder, Leona Lewis, Rusko and others.

Russell expresses himself with whatever instrument is put in his hands, bringing his technical training to battle his naturally improvisational ear. In the darkness, he has won songwriting contests from scribbled composition notebooks. Under the lights, he has performed for hundreds of thousands of people on stages including the LA Greek, Belly Up, Pauley Pavillion, Walt Disney Concert Hall, MGM Grand and more. He continues to collaborate on commercial, touring, and theatrical projects of a wide range.


by Hallie Duesenberg